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HDJ Angel's Home Care Services - 

 Health is the first step to prosperity...

Mission Statement

To improve quality of life for those we serve through the delivery of clinical excellence, extraordinary service, and compassionate care, while being recognized as a leader in home health services.

Who Are We

HDJ Angels Home Care Services, LLC, management, staff, consumers, and their attendants will be thoroughly trained to understand CDS policies and careful to implements them. The population of adults with disabilities is growing at an alarming rate in Missouri. Most individuals desire to remain in their homes, choosing to avoid a nursing home setting as an option for care. This desire to remain at home is key elements to the growth and longevity of HCBS and CDS. As a CDS vendor, HDJ Angels Home Care Services, LLC, desire to support independent living and remain compliant with regulations and promote a strong foundation.

HDJ Angel’s Home Care Services, LLC’s Director/ Manger Diana Gee-Potts RN, Nursing Home Administrator has 30 plus years in healthcare. She began her career in CNA, CMT, RN/DON and finishing as Licensed Nursing Home Administrators for 17 years. Diana truly loves to take care of people and ensure their care and needs are met.

HDJ Angel’s Home Care Services, LLC’s Director/ Manager Hazel Hampton has over 15 years of experience in healthcare and effective leadership with an enthusiastic drive to succeed. Adept to rolling up shirt sleeves and diving in head first to conquer all required directives. This is accomplished by learning, embracing and executing the stated value and business principle as conveyed by the corporation being served. Hazel is a skilled mentor and motivator who excels at bringing out the best in team members as we face day to day tasks and deadlines.

HDJ Angel’s Home Care Services, LLC’s Director/ Manager Johnetta McClendon has over 22 years in hospitals and long term nursing facilities. She is a compassionate CNA/CMT and diligent about serving patient’s medical and personal needs. She also focuses on delivering high quality care to individuals from diverse backgrounds. Johnetta is skilled in direct patient care and healthcare team support.

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